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Our volunteers play a key role in making a difference in our community on all levels, while gaining practical professional development in many areas.

Become a volunteer and join the activities of IBOK in many different areas including Administration, Fundraising, Seasonal Opportunities, and the activities of the Programs of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK to learn and gain knowledge. That's also help volunteers to live practically in our society and benefits others. Depending on the needs of devotees and other community members all areas  (volunteer's positions) are related with each other to go into the same direction and follow only one path, the path of bhakti (devotion). Anyone is welcome to become a volunteer and join the desired area(s) and its related activities.

So please, join IBOK and become a volunteer to improve your skills as future reference to meet our program goals. These areas include many different types of volunteer positions, which can lead volunteers into their future goals of working in permanent volunteer positions.

Types of Volunteering

We always trying to offer the positions to our volunteers within the expectation to be a good fit in any of these positions to bring positive results. IBOK is not related with any particular area, but it's really needs volunteer's help into many different areas. Depending on our current needs we are looking for volunteers to help us into these following areas:

  • Office Support:
    • Receptionist Area
    • General Office
    • Clerical Support
  • IBOK Campaigns:
    Help is needed in the following areas:
  • IBOK Marketing News:
    • IBOK International Websites Support
    • Online Images Support
  • Facilities:
    We need volunteers for Ashram Main Facilities, IBOK Main Facilities, IBOK Multi-purpose Hall, and IBOK Auditorium:
    • Gardening (spring, summer, and fall)
    • Snow Shoveling (winter)
    • Dusting and cleaning
    • Floor sweeping and mopping
    • Laundry attendant
  • Programs: IBOK Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga programs are divided into several different groups and offer many volunteer opportunities including: their religious, spiritual, educational, social, and cultural benefits. These volunteer’s opportunities or activities are as follows:
    • Volunteer for Lord Krishna’s Kitchen and Dining Shift
    • Volunteer for Prasad Puri and Dining Hall
    • Volunteer for Satsang Decoration
    • Preeti Bhoj volunteer help
  • IBOK Events:
    • IBOK Events Help
    • Event Preparation
    • Event Advertising
  • IBOK Guests:
    • IBOK Guests Help
    • Guest Bookkeeping Help

Open Positions

You can select any position of your choice and apply either online or send the PDF Version of Volunteer Application Form by mail. To do so, please simply click on Volunteers link located into one of the menu bar of IROI name Join Us and apply from there.

Note: These positions are unpaid. However, depending on our needs, the help and support from these volunteers may qualify them to become a permanent volunteer position within IBOK.

The most current Open Volunteer Positions of IBOK are as follows:

Please check Types of Volunteering to see all currently open positions, and then apply for any position of your choice using the form below:

Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteer benefits include their spiritual well being, educational growth, social and cultural development. These areas are being selected only for one purpose which is awareness of IBOK (our volunteer's programs) and the way we treat our volinteers. The areas of volunteer's progresses are not limited. There are also some great opportunities or Types of Volunteering for our volunteers which bring unlimited benefits for them and good fortune for IBOK.

Main Benefits

  • Taking part in our devotional program and services for spiritual progress or uplifting
  • Gaining high spiritual, religious and educational Knowledge
  • Social and cultural development and making a strong community
  • Participation in other promotional areas including IBOK ashram-related activities. Volunteers are most welcome to meet our spiritual master (IBOK Main Head Guru) for blessing to experience the nectar of life

Volunteer expectations and responsibilities (good sense)

Volunteers are expected to give their commitment to IBOK for a minimum of six months to reach their goals. After the six-month period, they can expect to have a permanent volunteer position in IBOK, especially in Administrative areas and other volunteer positions. Some rules and regulations for volunteers include the following:

  • Being punctual and timely
  • Having the ability and curiosity to learn about IBOK devotional programs and services
  • Being respectful to all IBOK Gurus (spiritual masters) and staff and working positively
  • Expecting to achieve the result of a desired expectation
  • Having an understanding and familiarity with and being respectful of all community people who are taking parts in our devotional programs and services
  • Joining weekly meetings
  • Exercising confidentiality, which is very important for IBOK.  We expect volunteers and employees to refrain from providing any confidential information related to our services to others as part of their agreement with us.
  • Truthfulness and obedience in regard to following all instructions related to our services
  • Being respectful of all human beings, and
  • A familiarity with multicultural experiences