(The Programs of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK)

                              Applicable for all, specifically for devotees initiated by Pujya Guruji for
                                       the greatest effect of his Mantra and spiritual progress

The significant role of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK and the joy
        of constant communion with Lord Krishna (Lila Avatar)

IBOK only dedicated to Lord Krishna and as our dedication to Him all of our programs and services are offered to Him. Most of these programs and services are created as devoteeā€™s life long activities to give spiritual and educational knowledge and to practice on their regular basis. Based on the Goal of IBOK the areas, related with all programs and services can be based or known as styles or types of programs to perfectly understand Hinduism, Yoga, Bhakti, Bhakti Yoga and other religious, cultural or social subjects through each program's spiritual masters. Some of these programs specifically related with the true Bhakti bhava (devotional state of mind) and fulfill the needs of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK.

Each types include many devotional programs and services and described separately with all necessary instruction to understand all related subjects easily. All participants should read all types of programs carefully prior to joining any of these programs. They can also find other related information such as fees, schedule, calendar, benefits, and much more which are also included in each type of programs. Each type give great knowledge and deep understanding to all and open the path of self-realization to fulfill the goal of life.

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