Other Giving Sevas

Daan Peti Seva

Daan Peti Seva is for everyone who join IBOK and for their Shradha (believing) to help and support. Anyone can found easily Daan Peti in IBOK Bhawan and Ashram Bhawan, by the time of visiting. Cash donation is greatly appreciated including just cash or checks to donate in Daan Peti as Seva. Giving liberally without thought of reward consider Charity and a great Seva in Hinduism we believe.


Gift-in Kind, also known as in-kind donations, is a kind of charitable giving to nonprofits in which, instead of giving money to buy most needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. Gifts in kind are mostly distinguished from all other gifts, that’s why not all different kinds of gifts but some gifts to charity are recommended and called Gift-in Kind donations. Examples of gifts include goods such as food, clothing, medicines, furniture, office equipment, and building materials. So, when physical items are contributed in lieu of money, they are called gifts in kind. Performance of some kinds of services, such as providing office space, or offering administrative support, may also be counted as Gift-in Kind. Depending on our needs there are several different kinds of areas and divided into three different sections to accept Gift-in Kind Donations which are recommended as:




For more information how IBOK Gift-in Kind donations help our Programs, please check Services of Padsevana.
To fill out IBOK Gift-in Kind form to proceed please click on the following link:
Gift-in-Kind Form (PDF)