(Our mission is to spread the light of faith equally)
Bhakti and Seva, the path of perfection and an achievement

IBOK is a faith related non-profit organization that was established for one purpose - our bahkti to Lord Krishna, and spreading the light of the Hindu faith. Our mission is to create a community with significant meaning. Devotees will develop their spiritual, religious, and educational lives by joining our Bhakti Yoga Programs, specifically the Activity of Sravana Bhakti of Sri Krishna Lilas (Sunday Afternoon Satsang Activities), one of the great Bhakti Yoga program's related service or activity of IBOK and only related with Sravana bhakti (Sravana means hearing of God's virtues, glories, sports, and stories connected with His divine Name and Form). We provide bhakti related services to all individuals, families, communities, and societies living anywhere and all around the world on local, state, national, and international levels, inviting them to be a part of our organization.

Through our devotional programs and services IBOK supports the practice of Hindu religion. Through these programs and services IBOK trying to express devotion in a significant manner and making a link between our devotees and Lord Krishna. In our programs the complete life sketch of Lord Shri Krishna as its included in the Activitiy of Sravana Bhakti of Shri Krishna Lilas, includes all of His Lilas (beginning from his birth and ending with His last Lila, the time His spirit left to heaven) and we are coducting this activity permanently. All parts of His Lilas are beautifully explained in this spiritual discourse and only by Pujya Guruji, the Main Head Guruji of IBOK. This activity specifically express our devotion to Lord Krishna and a attractive features of our devotional programs. After joining this activity all participants really feel the joy of deep love (devotion) which never ends.