(How IBOK was established)
Meaning and Significance of IBOK

IBOK is based on the intense bhakti bhava of the religious site of Holy city Mathura where Lord Krishna born and spent His childhood days in Vrindavan. This journey began with the thought to locate international branches of IBOK around the world for the purpose of spreading Shri Krishna Bhakti to all of our devotees to these locations:

The Full name of IBOK is International Bhakti Organization of Krishna, which means India is the origin of the organization and the branches of IBOK can be located into many different parts of the world to known by its name significantly. This is the first step of IBOK to introduce about our devotional programs specifically one activity name The Activity of Sravana Bhakti of Sri Krishna Lilas to all its participants on international levels. This activity is an attractive feature of our devotional programs and related with the first activity of Bhakti Yoga (Sravana Bhakti) for the purpose of to give the right direction or path to all participants of IBOK. Sravana is hearing of God’s Lilas and includes God's virtues, glories, sports and stories connected with His divine Name and Form.

In Sravana Bhakti the devotee gets absorbed in the hearing of divine stories and his or her mind merges in the thought of divinity, it cannot think of un-divine things. The mind loses, as it were, its charm for the world. Even in the dream time devotee just remembers the God.

IBOK is dedicated to Lord Krishna and specially greatfull to all participants who join our devotional programs and listen the Lilas (divine play) of Lord Krishna by Pujya Guruji, the Main Head Guruji of IBOK, directly from Bhagavata Purana. The only goal of our this step is the spiritual upliftment of an individual which means taken out of the cycle of life and death (samsara).