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Support the cause of IBOK is a true blessing which promote and lead us to a
higher spiritual life by joining our Supportive Membership Programs

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Our spiritual membership programs are bhakti-related international programs and available for all types of Hindus living anywhere in our community or all around the world. Anyone can join our membership programs and become eligible to receive the benefits with the highest quality of respect to become our devotee. We need your help to support the program's expenses to give you the full benefit in your related membership area.

Your kind support is very helpful for any type of membership to make it easier for us to provide these benefits of our membership programs to all individuals, families, communities, and societies equally. Our membership programs are based on the philosophy of Yoga (Bhakti Yoga) and direct all members into the one path which is Bhakti (devotion to God and spiritual upliftment).

Depending on the needs of individuals, families, communities, societies and the types of membership they have, jointly bring just one result (bhakti to Lord Krishna) that increases the numbers of our devotees within the same respect. IBOK membership is a great source of Bhakti (Bhakti Yoga) to find the path in realizing how to promote our spiritual life to being in touch with Lord Krishna as our spiritual need. The main bhakti programs of IBOK are available for all different kinds of devotees who want to become members to join the devotional services of these programs.

After joining these programs, all devotees will permanently be a part of IBOK Culture (IROI Hindu Cultural Heritage) and IBOK Community (IROI Growing Hindu Community). IBOK mainly focuses on devotee’s life achievement membership program, and depending on our programs and the services we provide the benefits of this membership are unlimited.

Types of Membership

All types of membership are appropriate for Hindu community people who are keen and have interest to learn about the Hindu religion with one specific reason to practice yoga (deep bhakti yoga) through Programs of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK. This membership program is an un-changeable source of higher spiritual, religious, and educational knowledge which also improves the social life of its participants. For all types of individuals and families, these categories of IBOK membership are available to join:

  • Regular Individual Membership
  • Regular Family Membership
  • Regular Lifelong Individual Membership
  • Regular Lifelong Family Membership

Membership with Special Characteristics

IBOK membership offers a special type of membership with special characteristics for specific Hindu religious people, and welcomes them as our friends to join IBOK to be a part of our community and culture via giving them full benefits of their membership.

This special category is good for a certain type of group with specific characteristics or as a part of Hindu Gurus or Spiritual Masters, Pandits, Brahmins, and Hindu Religious Scholars with bhakti traits (devotion) to join IBOK permanently and to be the special guests or a speaker of IBOK. For these types of Hindu religious people, the following category is available to join:

  • Lifelong Memberhsip with Special Characteristics (no fee)

Student Membership

The other category is for students, and their membership is discounted to join the Programs of Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga of IBOK into the same extent as types of Membership. If you are a student and willing to join IBOK membership, then please apply to the Student Membership program:

  • Student Membership

How to join the membership:

To join the IBOK Spiritual Membership Program, please click on the following link and fully complete all information including fee/non-fee inquiries and mail to us with your membership fee (check or money order):

Spiritual Membership Application Form (PDF)

Membership Benefits

IROI membership benefits are based on the real spiritual journey of the devotees or Sadhakas, and the result of final Sadhana as spiritual upliftment which is constantly influenced in their daily life and last at a certain point of Mukti. The constant practice of Yoga (Bhakti Yoga) also impact the socio-cultural life and bring great positive changes with a solid reason to connect with community to live peaceful life and also make it strong. It’s also signifies the goal of our membership program to find an opportunity to meet the great spiritual masters, specifically Pujya Guruji or IBOK Main Head Guru (an enlightened master) for blessing. IBOK is really willing to keep its membership always active. The combination of the own knowledge of Pujya Guruji and the meeting with other Sadhakas or Seekers to talk about spirituality is a dedication to IBOK and a mixture of all fruits which bring one flavor in life.

The result of self-knowledge, including Sadhana, Swadhyaya, and Satsang, build the real picture to realize the main goal of life with the level of relationship with community which is Educational (learn Hinduism), Social (building strong community), and Cultural (Hindu cultural heritage).

Main Benefits

  • An opportunity to take part in our devotional program and services to join a path to know the purpose of our life.
  • Gaining high spiritual, religious, educational, social and cultural knowledge through an Enlightened Guru via making a strong community.
  • Each member is a part of IBOK Culture (IROI Hindu Cultural Heritage) and IBOK Community (IBOK Growing Hindu Community) and will remain forever.
  • Participation in many other promotional areas, including IBOK Gopinath Bhakti Ashram related activities.
  • Members are also welcome to visit from any branch of IBOK to the Minnesota branch of IBOK (the Main Headquarters) to experience the oneness of all branches of IBOK.

Additional Benefits of Lifelong Membership with Special Characteristics

  • For whoever joins this membership, the cost is Free

Renewals and Updates

All IBOK members have some choices to keep their membership active via renewing or updating their membership profile each year. Please select one of the following options to keep your membership with IBOK:

  • Renew Your Membership
  • Update Your Membership Profile
  • Renew Your Membership: You can renew your membership each year by completing our updated membership form to keep your membership current. Please click on the following link to complete the application process:
  • Membership Application Form (PDF)

  • Update Your Membership Profile:You can update your membership profile whenever necessary by completing the updated membership profile form to keep your membership profile current. Please click on the following link to complete the application process:

Update Membership Profile Form (PDF)

Note: For all types of membership, the renewal notice will be mailed out and we will also send an e-mail to renew the membership on time.