Gurus and Staff Positions

(Your dedication gives you chance to work with IBOK)
Great knowledge of sanatana dharma (the eternal religion)
also known as the vedic religion or hinduism

IBOK is a religious and educational organization and a great place to dedicate time as Gurus or Staff here including many areas to find a specific one which can easily fulfill the desire needs of all participants, devotees, Seekers, Sadhakas, and also visitors who are parts of IBOK. IBOK really respect those Gurus who can dedicate their time to IBOK to give their knowledge to other devotees to be a permanent part of IBOK or to be a true bhakta as the sign of their bhakti or devotion.

Depending on our needs all of our positions are divided into several different sections or groups (HR Spiritual Staff, Ashram’s Gurus, Programs’ Gurus, Administrative Staff and much more) to dedicated time at IBOK. Knowledge of Hinduism for doctrine and faith, Shri Krishna Bhakti Yoga practice for spiritual growth and educational knowledge, our cultural and social values to live in international society with self-respect are most recommended topics of these groups. A better management which is full of qualities of humanity, human kindness and love to see the whole world as our Lord Krishna is the main goal of IBOK Gurus and also for all of its Staff, and it’s really help us grow its branches all around the world.

Current Openings

Although there are many names of the positions of IBOK Gurus and Staff, but currently we are searching a limited numbers of Gurus and staff members with the desired qualification to match with all areas we are in needs.

Some of the open positions for each section or group of IBOK Gurus and Staff are currently available and described bellow to apply either online or send the mail-in application.  To find the right position, please check all following groups to match with your qualifications to apply:

Programs' Gurus Position
Ashram’s Gurus Position
Temple Priests Positions
Other Gurus & Staff Positions

Gurus & Staff Positions Forms

To print out the mail-in application form please click on the following link:

Programs' and Ashram’s Gurus Position Form (PDF)

Temple Priests Positions Form (PDF)

HR Spiritual Staff Opportunities Form (PDF)

Facilities Management Opportunities Form (PDF)

Administrative Staff Opportunities Form (PDF)

Please send your mail-in application form to the following address:

727 5th Ave. S. #204
Minneapolis, MN 55415