(The chief goal of IBOK is to achieve divine love of Krishna)

One by one step to purify soul and feel the divine bliss

Our goal is to create a strong and respectful faith-based community with higher values through our devotional programs and services on national and international levels. IBOK is working in many areas to recognize and understand the true meaning of life and how to lead a purposeful life, through love and devotion for the services of supreme god known as Lord Krishna (join the activities of Sravana Bhakti of Shri Krishna Lilas on Sunday Afternoon Satsang Activities to sravana the Lilas of Lord Krishna from Pujya Guruji). Our goal also include our dedication to Lord Krishna to focus on seeing Him as our Lila Avatar (divine play of Lord Krishna). One of our great activity is specifically created for that purpose to express devotion to Lord Krishna and related with the first type or form of bhakti yoga, named Activity of Sravana Bhakti of Shri Krishna Lilas (which described a detailed explanation of the immortal Lilas of Lord Krishna).

IBOK is successfully moving forward to fulfill its goal of spreading the light of Krishna Bhakti all around the world. All of our bhakti programs and services are related to our socio-cultural values, present eastern and western culture, Hinduism, and our faith-based religious needs. We invite everyone (Hindus) to be a part of our IBOK and join its programs and services to learn about our Hindu faith and also our belief in Lord Krishna in a significant manner. Only through our unique Programs, our non-profit is making a new impression on all devotees to give a significant meaning (to discover something new or as a symbol) of bhakti and this is our goal and mission. Our goal also includes our IBOK LOGO Symbol, IBOK Architecture History (which influenced The International Prayer Centers of IBOK), and Gopinath Bhakti Ashram to perfectly define the meaning of IBOK.