Causes and Giving

IBOK Causes and Giving includes the right definition of all its expenditures and the way we fulfill our needs. Our needs direct us to reach to a final goal and relate us with two different reasons to start making step into a joint path. These two reasons can be described as Way to Give and Managing Fund. This is our final destination to keep IBOK always active via supporting Way to Give related campaigns, events, and many other great fundraising options, created for many types of reasons or purposes. But the way we manage our funds for future generations is also very important for us to keep IBOK current and active. These two reasons includes the reason of a joint path to understand and follow the whole fundraising process of IBOK easily and systematically:

  1. Ways to Give
  2. Managing Fund
    • Unrestricted Funds (for all unrestricted Causes)
    • Restricted Funds ( for all restricted causes):
      • Temporarily Restricted Funds
      • Permanently Restricted Funds