About Us

IBOK Hindu religious, spiritual & educational knowledge

International Bhakti Organization of Krishna (IBOK) is strictly a religious non-profit temple organization and helping people around the world to learn to live a highest quality of spiritual and social life through the art of self-realization or bhakti yoga as the path of perfection (making or being perfect as the main source of liberation). Bhakti is a yoga path, and its aim is to form a divine, loving union with the Supreme Lord. IBOK is based on the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga, to form a divine, loving relationship with Lord Krishna (join the activities of Sravana Bhakti of Shri Krishna Lilas on Sunday Afternoon Satsang Activities to sravana the Lilas of Lord Krishna from Pujya Guruji).

We built our mission to make history by following the path of Bhakti Yoga (Dedication to God) and based on our devotional programs and services, all benefits goes to our Hindu society, Hindu religion, new generations, spiritual masters, western Hindu culture, poor communities (health, hunger, educational support, social and cultural development, empowering women etc.), old temples (for reconstruction or remodeling), and other natural benefits. These services finally fulfill the goal of our life and make able IBOK to inherit the same benefits generation to generation to attain the bhakti of Lord Krishna. This is our dedication to Lord Krishna explaining him as Lila Avatar and our Lila Avatar is just around us.

IBOK is not related with any particular group, ethnic background, race, culture, or religion, but as a part of bhakti or devotion, it is only related with bhakti. We welcome everyone and request you to contribute mentally, spiritually, and physically to our community.